When Paths Cross


Editorial Reviews

This is a love story that could not have been written by an author without the Vietnam experience Jim brings to this fine novel. Touching, authentic and just plain fine writing, -Grady Harp, Amazon Hall Of Fame Top 50 Reviewers.

Well written. Weatherill paints a vivid picture of the logging industry and life in the United States particularly as it pertained to Vietnam Veterans in the ‘70s. Weatherill brings authenticity to "When Paths Cross" gained from his experience as an Army helicopter pilot flying the CH-47 in Vietnam, and later flying for the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest. This is an excellent story covering a troubling time for those who served in Vietnam; a period when people did not walk up and say, “Welcome Home.” The parts of the story covering the treatment and attitudes confronting the Vets, exemplified by Robin’s parents, may make the reader angry, and it should. -John Bercaw, Author, A Pink Mist and The Mighty Jungle.

The book will magically come to life in the reader’s mind as the author masterfully describes each person, setting, and event. The author’s rich use of historical context adds a dimension that most novels lack and his research lends accuracy to the setting, the geographic area, and to logging. His writing style is extremely engaging and within a few pages the reader will be hooked and not want to put down the book. -Brent Rourk for The Island Moon Newspaper.

Reader Reviews

What a great first novel.  Another good read by the author of "The Blades Carry Me".  Good story and excellent character development and setting.  Louis L"Amour would be proud of the techniques utilized. -FP.

A few observations on the book; As a retired Forest Service employee, I found the information on logging techniques, and fire detection to be documentary accurate.  His portrait or the times was spot on.  I had to chuckle when the author mentioned Melmac dishes.  As a boy, my mother used Melmac dishes too.

From the perspective of the novel, there are three simultaneous stories in play; Vietnam veteran's ghosts, industrial logging, and Jayboy.  Together, they are more or less successful in moving the story along. Without giving away the story, I hope that there is a sequel. -FEW.

Entertaining read, enjoyed it. -RG.

Jim has followed his wonderful "The Blades Carry Me" with another great book "When Paths Cross". I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys page turning works with interesting premises and characters. He and Annie have set a high bar for themselves. Congrats. -CHS.