The Blades Carry me


Editorial Reviews

This book is well written and reads more like an action adventure novel. The authors use the first person narrative style and take turns telling their part of the story which is intertwined like dancers moving effortlessly together then apart then together again. Each voice has a different cadence, but they work so well together. -Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

THE BLADES CARRY ME is a unique contribution to the great body of Vietnam War literature. I especially recommend it to anyone curious about the human beings who fought the war, because in this book one experiences the entire spectrum of human personality. - ​Robbie Grayson III, Traitmarker Founder/CEO.

James and Anne Weatherill have written a book that is unique when it comes to memoirs of the Vietnam War. James’ narrative details finding his way from a FNG to an experienced AC other pilots and crewmen volunteered to fly with during their many intense and dangerous missions. Anne’s narrative presents a military wife’s viewpoint, including a multitude of daily challenges as well as their hopes and fears for the men who went to war. This is a well written and engaging reading experience and I highly recommend it. -John Penny for the VHPA Aviator, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.​​

The Blades Carry Me includes much combat; officers ranging from superb to despicable; fear, tears, and nightmares; honor, courage, and heroism. The dialogue is crisp, raw, credible; the men with whom Weatherill served, so utterly human. -Jan W. Steenblik, Technical Editor, and reprinted by permission of Air Line Pilot, Air Line Pilots Association, International. ​​

 ... after flying more than thirty-three hours in three days, he said,  "We feel nothing, remember nothing. My youth is drowning in the flood of  bloody missions. I can't be so ancient at twenty-two." - Henry Zeybel ​ .

Reader Reviews

A  fine, expertly written book that provides indelible images of the  Helicopter War, of those who fought it, and those who awaited anxiously  for their safe return. -RK.

The book  was a hard read at times and I had to put it down because it brought  back memories I have tried to forget. I am buying a copy for my son  because they tell the story better than I ever could. -RL

I  was very impressed by this well-written book. I recommend it without  reservation if you are a veteran, a historical researcher, or just  someone curious about those days. -DSL.

This book  is wonderfully written, and conveys the sense of time moving too slowly  for husband and wife as he survives harrowing situations as a chopper  pilot in Vietnam, and she attends college, then gives birth to their  first child back home.  Even with the loving support of family, the  sense of loneliness and worry is always there.-JR.

A book  that pulls you in and doesn't let go until the last page. Weatherill  brings you with him back to Vietnam with his recollections of his tour  of duty. A must read for anyone interested in the Vietnam war. -AC.

A "must  read" for anyone interested in a factual, personal account of helicopter action in Vietnam.  With brief glimpses into the day-by-day anxiety of  his wife, Anne, the author chronicles his transition from a new-arrival  to an accomplished, expert and heroic leader.  The author deliberately  avoids political and strategic military analysis to illuminate the daily  challenges common to so many who served honorably. -DW.

I highly  recommend this wonderful, poignant and engaging book for all who relish  a great military history and, in particular, first-account stories from  the Vietnam War. -AMC

This book captured my attention from cover to cover.  It was insightful,  well-written and from the heart.  I liked hearing the point of view from  a spouse back home taking a Tour of the Waiting Game.  It brought back  so many memories of the tour in Viet Nam, things I thought were  forgotten but perhaps simply repressed.
I would recommend this book  to any family who has sent their loved one into battle.  It is full of  heart-rendering, first hand experiences and feelings. This book is a  very good read to be passed along to anyone interested in Patriotism. -HRF

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